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Our global mobility Netherlands experts enable easy access to the global talent market.

In today’s world, we believe borders shouldn’t limit your talent recruitment. We have years of experience in making global mobility work for Dutch companies, so you can enjoy the advantages of employing international workers in the Netherlands, including cross-border or remote employees. Our comprehensive, one-stop-shop service can advise on income and payroll tax, social security, pensions, employment law, immigration, and more – opening up a world of opportunity for your business.

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Luc Mourmans

Senior global mobility expert

Employee mobility in the Netherlands made simple.

Holistic advice covering the entire international mobility process

Local expertise meets global network for end-to-end compliance

Tax, financial, and legal expertise from immigration to payroll

Dedicated point of contact for swift response times

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Dutch Global mobility Services

Employment law.

Navigating the benefits and obligations of hiring international employees can be a challenge. Our experts are here to help, ensuring you reach full compliance with all applicable employment laws in the Netherlands, from immigration, and terms of posted workers in the EU to social security. What’s more, we’ll advise you on making the most of the attractive benefits available to global workers, including the 30% tax rule for expats. So, whether you’re hiring Dutch staff, relocating talent from abroad, or employing remote workers, let us help your business make the most of everything the Netherlands has to offer.

Global mobility Netherlands

Global mobility taxes.

Gain clarity on your tax obligations as an international employer in the Netherlands thanks to our comprehensive, personalized service. We can help you with every aspect of your international tax position, from income and payroll tax to salary-split scenarios. Our local-first, globally integrated team has the answer to your every question, whether you’re wondering about inventory, net/gross salary agreements, or the 30% expat ruling. With our dedicated point-of-contact policy, no query is too small.

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Personnel administration.

Establishing or expanding your workforce in the Netherlands? Our employment services are here to guide you. We offer comprehensive, cross-disciplinary advice, including HR and legal support from our trusted partners, so you enjoy a full overview of your employees’ rights and protections, sick leave, social security, and pensions – from the big picture to the smallest details. With our cloud-based digital tools, better control of your personnel administration is at your fingertips. And if you have any questions, there’s always an expert advisor on hand to give you the support you need.

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