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Tax advice is important for every business issue.

Whether you’re investing in innovation or sustainability, planning on a business merger or acquisition, or simply have questions about personnel and working expenses, sound tax advice is a must for your business operations. As tax advisors, we help you to be fully “in control” from a tax point of view. Of course, we also consider private matters. We're happy to help you with comprehensive and reliable advice, so that you can focus on your business. That must be music to your ears!

Roel Oosterveen | Tax Advisor

Roel Oosterveen

Tax consultant

Strategic tax advice and assistance for all your tax questions

Experienced, full-service tax specialists From strategic tax advice to efficient administration and accurate tax returns

We help reduce your tax burden and optimize your cash flow, so that you’ll have the most to spend

Tax arrangements can provide you with a financial advantage

The goal is to be both fiscally in control and compliant, so you can focus on realizing your ambitions

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This is how we help you with your tax issues.

Dutch tax law and the tax system in the Netherlands are highly complex. And yet other rules apply internationally. Our team of tax specialists will advise and assist you with all financial matters and regulations.

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Fiscaal advies - HLB Witlox van den Boomen

Fiscal advice

Fiscal advice plays an important role in every business decision you make as an entrepreneur. Our tax advisors can help you with any and all tax matters. We also pay particular attention to the special opportunities of tax arrangements and tax facilities. For example, opportunities to accelerate innovation and sustainability, such as the innovation box and the WBSO innovation schemes, but also the deductions for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly business assets like EIA, MIA, and VAMIL. We provide up-to-date tax advice to help you make strategic decisions for your business.

Personeel en belasting HLB Witlox van den Boomen

Personnel and taxation

Social insurance, the working expense regulations, payroll taxation, cross-border employees, and pensions: these topics can all raise quite a few questions for you as an employer. We're happy to help you with clear advice and, of course, we think primarily in terms of opportunities. For example, our tax advisors will counsel you on the opportunities provided by payroll tax and social security premiums, the new tax options of a pension arrangement, the scope of the working expense regulations (werkkostenregeling), and what a company car for your employees involves. In short, feel free to ask us any and all of your personnel and tax questions.

BTW-advies HLB Witlox van den Boomen

VAT advice

Solid VAT advice is valuable for any business, maybe even more than you realize. This is because VAT regulations are quite complicated and, in practice, the opportunities are not always properly exploited Our VAT specialists will advise you on how to optimize your cash flow through VAT management. Of course, we also provide VAT returns and can advise on all the VAT regulations and exemptions that may apply. This is how we ensure that the VAT obligations also generate opportunities for your business.

Formeel recht - HLB Witlox van den Boomen

Formal law

Filing tax returns is not the most enjoyable task for almost any entrepreneur. We can assist you with all kinds of tax returns. Do you have a dispute with the tax authorities? If so, we will speak with them and, if necessary, file an objection or appeal. Your business could greatly benefit from a Tax Control Framework (TCF) to properly plan, avoid risks, and spot opportunities. Our specialists will tell you more about it and help you develop and implement a TCF.

Internationaal ondernemen - HLB Witlox van den Boomen

International business

If you do business internationally, you’ll obviously have to deal with international taxation. Thanks to our global network with offices in 160 countries, our tax specialists, in consultation with our foreign colleagues, can advise you on the local laws and regulations. We're also happy to advise you on structuring international activities and to help transfer pricing documentation. Doing so not only avoids risks, it may even yield substantial tax savings within the applicable rules. With comprehensive international tax advice, we can assist you beyond our national borders.

Estate planning - HLB Witlox van den Boomen

Estate planning.

Being fiscally “in control”: as an entrepreneur, you naturally also want that in your private life. Meet all legal obligations without paying excessive taxes. Based on a broad perspective, our estate planners will guide you through tax and all other issues that arise in the 'Family Wealth practice'. Thanks to a strategic alliance with VDB Advocaten Notarissen we offer comprehensive services ranging from tax specialists to estate planners, lawyers, and accountants, and even a notary, all under one roof.

Overname en herstructurering - HLB Witlox van den Boomen

Acquisitions and restructurings

Business acquisitions and restructurings are complex processes. You’ll come up against many financial, legal, personnel, and tax issues. Working within a multidisciplinary team, our specialists will guide you throughout the process.

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