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Operating internationally as a business raises very specific issues.

Are you ready to take the next step to conduct international business from the Netherlands in, for example, Belgium, Germany, the US, or China? As soon as you cross the border, you’ll encounter legislation and plenty of regulations that differ considerably from the Netherlands. This might entail tax systems and employment laws that differ from here, for example, as well as social insurance systems and specific professional competence requirements. To a greater or lesser extent, you’ll also have to deal with a different national and work culture and, outside the EU, different currencies. Our international business specialists know exactly what the focal points are and what needs to be arranged in order for you to comply with all the international laws and regulations. We also inform you about exciting (grant) programs and the many opportunities for doing business abroad.

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This is how we help your business operate internationally

If your company is active internationally, you have to deal with many complex issues and local laws and regulations in the countries in which you do business and/or are based. With our multidisciplinary and highly experienced consulting team, we can offer you a comprehensive solution.

International accountancy

International tax advice

Cross-border working

International corporate finance

HLB International

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Internationaal accountancy | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

International accountancy

As international auditors, we provide reliable, independent auditing of annual accounts that complies with the applicable laws and regulations. We closely monitor and assess the figures to ensure that you, as an entrepreneur, always have your finger on the pulse. What’s going smoothly, what needs improvement, and how can you tackle that? Our international accountants, employing a broad outlook, can help with international business. Whether this means close by, e.g. Belgium and Germany, or far away, we operate worldwide.  

Internationale belastingadvies | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

International tax advice

Reliable international tax advice is an absolute must to successfully conduct business in another country. This is because international tax laws and regulations are quite complex, vary from country to country, and are often subject to change. What’s more, taxation impacts every business decision you make. As international tax advisors, we help you to be fully “in control.” So you can focus on your business, certain that you're compliant with the current tax laws. 

Grensoverschrijdend werken   HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Cross-border working

If you work with cross-border employees or expats, you have a lot think about. Such as fiscal and HR issues: social insurance, payroll taxation, employee pensions, and how you carry out your payroll administration. Are you buying or selling a business abroad? If so, it’s important to examine the financial, tax, and legal implications for your incumbent personnel. Employment law, for example, is organized differently in other countries than it is in the Netherlands, and European agreements affect pension systems. Our full-service, independent HR specialists will be happy to advise you, so that you can be sure that you have the right solutions for every issue pertaining to cross-border working.

Internationale corporate finance   HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

International corporate finance

Setting up an international company or acquiring or selling a one requires extensive knowledge about all the financing options. These activities also require knowledge about local laws and regulations, insight into the potential acquisition candidates or partners, experience conducting negotiations on the global stage, and careful implementation of the entire process. HLB Witlox Van den Boomen's tax and corporate finance specialists are active in international corporate finance networks. With your strategic objectives as our guide, we can help you from start to finish with conducting business internationally. We provide discrete assistance for business acquisitions, securing appropriate financing, negotiating terms & conditions, and with supervising the entire execution and implementation process. This is how we help you realize your international ambitions.

HLB International een krachtig internationaal netwerk   HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

HLB International: a powerful international network

HLB Witlox Van den Boomen is part of HLB International, a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms. With its 38,000-strong professional workforce in 160 countries, HLB offers a powerful combination of local expertise and global capacity. We actively take advantage of the local expertise while regularly consulting our specialists worldwide. This is how we help entrepreneurs mitigate their risks, make the most of any opportunities, and realize their international ambitions.

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