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Complete estate-planning services by estate planners, tax specialists, accountants, lawyers and notaries

Are you looking for an estate planner? As an entrepreneur, you naturally want the best possible advice not only for your business but also your private life. Utilising a broad perspective, we assist high-net-worth entrepreneurs and individuals with all the possible issues that arise in the 'Family Wealth practice'. We provide independent, objective advice that’s geared to giving you peace of mind. We have all the necessary expertise in-house to help you manage your assets and get your affairs straight for tomorrow. From estate planners, lawyers, attorneys, accountants, and tax specialists to estate-planning notaries: you’ll find it under one roof with us.

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Advisor Family Wealth practice

Comprehensive services for estate planning and family wealth

Tax specialists, notaries, and lawyers all under a single roof through our strategic alliance with VDB Advocaten Notarissen.

Peace of mind: everything involving assets, wealth transfer, and life events arranged with care.

Optimal family-wealth management thanks to our comprehensive services.

Consideration for family relationships alongside the business interests.

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Your estate planning, always in order

Entrepreneurs prioritize continuity and protecting their personal assets and family wealth. They also want to transfer that wealth to the next generation in a tax-friendly manner. Our multidisciplinary advisory team, including an estate-planning notary, will help you do just that.

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Estate planning for life events and calamities

Estate planning tends to focus on issues like cohabitation, marriage, and children. Emigration or immigration may even come your way some day. And, if things go wrong... divorce, legal incapacity, or premature death may even occur. You never know what life has in store. The only certainty is that you’ll have to deal with drastic changes at least one or more times in your life. Fortunately, you can take measures to protect your assets and family’s wealth in any situation. Our advisors will provide you with objective advice for financial planning and estate-planning testaments, so that you and your loved ones can count on financial security during every possible life event.

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Transferring wealth to the next generation

Within estate-planning services, there are all kinds of ways to transfer personal assets and family wealth gradually and in a tax-friendly manner. Consider, for example, an estate-planning testament as well as tax arrangements for tax-free gifts to children. But a family trust may also be an interesting option. Another tax optimization method is “generation skipping”: bequeathing directly to grandchildren. There’s also the business succession regulation (BOR): a tax exemption when donating commercial assets. Our team of estate planners, tax experts, lawyers, and accountants will guide you through the drafting and implementation of a plan for the careful and strategic transfer of assets and family wealth. We even have notaries in-house, as pat of our uniquely comprehensive service.

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Strong advice on wealth aspects, from an estate planner

Estate counselling requires specialist knowledge from your estate planner. It begins with understanding every aspect of wealth, whether it’s private or commercial. Our estate-planning specialists will work closely with our lawyers and accountants to advise you on wealth structuring. We’ll explain, to name an example, the advantages and disadvantages of anonymizing your assets. However, we’ll also think with you if you’re considering using your personal assets and family wealth for philanthropic purposes. Specifically for family businesses, we help with processes like drafting a family statute, setting up a family trust, and establishing good family governance. We ensure insights and peace of mind by providing objective advice

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Estate planning for retirement and financial planning

As an entrepreneur, you work hard both on and in your business. Your business and private life often merge in this respect. Even the talk around the kitchen table revolves around work. In the midst of all that hustle and bustle, don't forget your personal financial planning. Have you made the right provisions for your retirement? Have you taken out any insurance policies for mortality risk or occupational disability? How is your private wealth structured? What about your own home, national and/or international properties, and other assets? Our estate planners will determine your personal needs before taking a close look at all the private aspects.

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