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Corporate finance: where your ambitions are at stake

Corporate finance at HLB Witlox Van den Boomen: working together toward realizing your ambitions. With confidentiality paramount, while being mindful of the emotions that accompany every journey. But always with unrelenting sharpness. Whatever your objectives, our corporate finance specialists can guide you throughout the acquisition process. 

Bart de Volder | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Bart de Volder

Partner Corporate Finance

Corporate-finance advising from a multidisciplinary perspective

Confidentiality is paramount, with consideration for the emotions that accompany every journey.

Innovation and sustainability are a common thread running through our portfolio.  

Experienced consultants connect silent supply with demand from a valuable network of SMEs. 

A single point of contact and the security of a full-service team of specialists. 

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Wil je een bedrijf kopen? | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Eager to buy a business?

Whatever your motives for buying a business, a business acquisition is a complex process. The process demands a lot from you as an entrepreneur, in every way imaginable. Our corporate finance experts will be there to guide you throughout the acquisition process. Of course, in case of a purchase, we’ll mediate exclusively for you, the buyer.

Als je je bedrijf gaat verkopen | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

If you’re selling your business

As an entrepreneur, selling your business represents a profound decision for you to make. There are major stakes involved and, what’s more, it’s paired with many emotions. All while a business acquisition is complex, high-level process. The corporate finance advisors at HLB Witlox Van den Boomen will be there to guide you throughout the acquisition process. In this case, we will mediate exclusively for you as the seller. 

Senior couple meeting financial adviser for investment

Business succession: who will take over the reins?

If you’re an entrepreneur and business owner, you know that business succession can be a very sensitive topic. To whom do you hand over your heart and soul? How can you be sure that you have the right party and that you're getting the best deal for your business? We’ll guide you through this important process, right from the outset. All with the aim of making you feel good about the succession of your business.

Bedrijfsovername: aan wie draag jij het over? | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Business acquisitions

Business acquisitions must be completed with great care. As a buyer, you want to know that you're getting value for money. And, as a seller, you want the best deal for your business. The corporate finance specialists at HLB Witlox Van den Boomen, in tandem with their legal and tax colleagues, are ready to assist you with the acquisition process.

Begeleiding bij een bedrijfsfusie | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Corporate merger guidance

Are you merging with another company? Then a lot will be coming your way in the near future, because a corporate merger entails numerous conditions. What tax implications do you need to consider? How will the merger impact your employees? We’re happy to help you think about these and other topics. So that, in a while, you can speak of genuinely successful corporate merger.

Reorganisatie of herstructurering? Wij helpen je graag verder | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Reorganization or restructuring

These are uncertain times. Your business may be navigating difficult waters due to the global crisis. If you’re no longer able to meet your financial obligations, reorganization or restructuring may be just the solution. We're happy to help you explore the best solution for your company and to prepare you wholeheartedly for a brighter future.

Matchmaking, als je de juiste partij zoekt | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Matchmaking, when you’re on the lookout for the right party

Are you looking for a strong business succession candidate? Would you like to buy or sell a business? Unfortunately, the market for national and international acquisition markets is far from transparent. Finding the party that best suits your needs can prove difficult. Our experienced corporate finance specialists are matchmaking experts who know how to connect “silent” supply with demand. We have a valuable network of SMEs, in the Netherlands and far beyond.

Due diligence ofwel boekenonderzoek | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Due diligence

Due diligence is a vital part of the acquisition or merger process. As a buyer, it gives you greater insight into the company you are considering. Is the sale price realistic? Are the assets valued correctly? What does the the cost structure like? Who’s the ultimate stakeholder (UBO), and what are the potential risks? The accountants and corporate finance specialists who carry out due diligence for us have years of experience.

Bedrijfsfinancieringen: het juiste geld voor jouw aankoop | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Valuation of your business

There are several reasons why you may want to have a valuation of your business. This could be in connection with a business transfer or merger, a buy-out procedure, or a (fiscal) restructuring of the company. Private situations can also be the impetus to have your business valued. Our team of corporate finance advisors will be happy to help you.

Bedrijfsfinancieringen: het juist geld voor jouw bedrijf | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Corporate financing: the right money for your purchase

Planning an acquisition? Do you understand all the financing options? The corporate finance specialists of HLB Witlox Van den Boomen are active in national and international networks for corporate finance, particularly with regard to mergers & acquisitions. That is where we meet buyers, sellers, and financiers. 

Gjalt Walda | 't Bourgondisch Hof | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

"I was looking for a team of corporate finance specialists to be there for me."

Gjalt Walda

Owner 't Bourgondisch Hof

Assisted by Marcel van der Looij

Finance Specialist

Marcel van der Looij | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

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