Corporate consultancy

Personalized, future-oriented business advice

Would you like advice on the decisions you have to make for your company? We’ll pair you with a personal business advisor who’s knowledgeable about your sector. He or she will know precisely which stage you and your business are in and provide you with actionable advice. We also like to check in with you periodically to see whether you’re still on track to achieving your objectives. This will simplify your decision-making and make it easy to make immediate adjustments, if necessary.

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Axel van Schendel

Partner & Business consultant

Business advice with your company's future in mind

A multidisciplinary team of business advisors that are totally dedicated to you and your organization.

Thanks to data science, your figures are the primary basis for business advice about the future.

Consideration for all the facets of entrepreneurship: both your business and personal challenges are addressed. 

SME business advice based on thorough research into where the opportunities and risks lie for your business. 

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Our business advice

We’re much more than just business advisors. We specialize in advising on all the facets of business. Within different sectors, and from a broad perspective

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Adequaat en ondernemend MKB bedrijfsadvies – HLB Witlox van den Boomen

Effective, entrepreneurial SME business advice

Whatever stage you’re in as an entrepreneur, our specialists will be at your side for all your financial issues. We consider every facet of your business as well as your personal goals and ambitions. As a financial sparring partner, we know your needs. Organizational and management issues, tax problems, starting a new business at home or abroad or transferring your business: as an entrepreneur, you constantly face new opportunities and challenges. Whether it entails restructuring or reorganizing your company or concerns financial planning, HLB Witlox Van den Boomen has all the expertise in house to provide you, the entrepreneur, with sound financial advice for your company. 

Financieel bedrijfsadviseur

Financial business advice

Do you have sufficient insight at present into your company's financial situation? For example, are you ready to grow but are unsure how to go about the financing? We’re happy to help you on your way with financial advice that takes into account your situation and needs.

optimalisatie ondernemingsstructuur

Business strategy consulting

The right business strategy can ensure the continuity of your business. The key is finding out in time where the company's added value lies and looking ahead on that basis. Our SME business advisors explore which tools are needed to ensure the continuity of your business in this area. We identify opportunities and risks, help you develop a strategic plan, and make sure you have insight into the right management information in order to make timely adjustments. 

Vergaand inzicht in bedrijfsrisicos

Identify occupational risks through risk inventory and evaluation

Entrepreneurship is all about risk taking. Everyone knows that, but you’d like to understand exactly what these business risks are and how they could impact your business and its operations. A business risk assessment allows us to identify your potential risks as well as advise you on the possible options. Then, as an entrepreneur, you can make your own well-considered decision.

informatie en data-analyse

Information and data analysis

At HLB Witlox Van den Boomen, we use your financial data to develop a customized dashboard that offers you real-time information management. Our controller, whenever necessary, will periodically look with you at how this information is captured. Together with your business advisor, he or she will monitor whether you’re still on track to achieving your objectives. This not only makes decisions easier, but it also allows you to make immediate adjustments, as necessary.

Personeel advies

Recruitment and retention advice

Entrepreneurship is a team sport, for you as well. Employees are a crucial link in your company. So, you need to know how to recruit the right people and retain them. Employees that have a unique mix of talents and experience are vital to the continuity of your business. Our business advisor will explore the tools necessary to ensure the continuity of your business in this area.


Monitor your business continuity with our innovation consulting

Timely innovation is crucial for the continuity of your organization. Which is why we see R&D as one of the key drivers of a company’s existence. As a business advisory firm, we actively inquire about your ambitions concerning innovation. We assist you with calculating investments, and we highlight grants, tax investment facilities, and potential legal pitfalls.

liquiditeitsprognose bij liquiditeitskrapte

Advice on conducting international business

Are you looking to expand your business abroad or are you already there? Naturally, we can also advise you beyond the Dutch borders. To provide you with the best possible advice outside the Netherlands, we have HLB International's outstanding international network at our disposal.

advies voor internationaal ondernemen

Expanding through a business acquisition

Throughout the life of your business, various opportunities may arise for you to expand through an acquisition. Because these opportunities can have a significant impact on your business, they deserve careful consideration. Our team of business advisors specializing in mergers & acquisitions will provide detailed insight into the present opportunity, including an assessment of the potential risks and benefits. Apart from advising on and assessing business opportunities, our corporate finance team has all the skills, experience, and knowledge to guide you through the entire process.

subisidieaanvraag en subsidie advies

Apply more successfully for grants thanks to our advice

If you wish, we’re happy to perform a scan to give you an idea about the grants you may be eligible for. Are you eligible for a government grant? Then there should be an application to complete. What does this application look like? When should it be submitted at the latest, and what should you pay attention to? We guide you through the process and use our advice to ensure the best possible success rate for your grant application.

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Ask your question.
Any question.

Do you have a question about running your business? Do you have a specific task or would you just like a sparring partner? We’re here for you. 

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