Business IT consultancy

As an entrepreneur, the right data will let you know what to focus on.

Our data-driven approach helps you steer the course of your organization. Our data and innovation experts collect and analyse your business data to help you make the right decisions. This way, you’ll always have accurate information to help you set the right priorities. And that makes future-proofing your business a great deal easier.

Arthur Schins  HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Arthur Schins

Manager Business Innovation

Multidisciplinary and data-driven: this is the way we work

Sound advice on how to make your data comprehensible and valuable. 

Specialized IT consultants and data analysts work closely with specialists from our company. 

Innovative work methods with data applications that fully meet your needs.

With wide-ranging insights, we work with you to build a lasting edge over your competition. 

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This is how we help you in the field of data and innovation

Our business innovation experts will help you translate the vast amount of data at your disposal into valuable information. 

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Business customized dashboard | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Business (customized) dashboard.

The amount of data is increasing exponentially. The latest technologies enable the use of that data so that you, as an entrepreneur, have optimal insight into your organization to make immediate adjustments and continuously optimize your processes. So stop spending your precious time mapping out figures. HLB Witlox Van den Boomen can assist you with data analysis. Our IT specialists and data analysts will develop customized dashboards for you.

Software pakket selectie | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen

Software package selection.

Software package selection must be preceded by careful preparation. Your objectives are the starting point for determining the necessary information and functionalities. Our experienced business innovation consultants advise and guide you on choosing a tailor-made software solution. As a specialist, we can offer you many software solutions. AFAS, Exact Online, and are the most commonly used software. But there are, of course, additional options. 

Consultancy | HLB Witlox Van den Boomen


Our business innovation consultants help you as an entrepreneur improve your business and your performance. This process starts with taking stock of your objectives and formulating concrete issues. What is the information you need to realize these objectives? To that end, we map out business and financial processes and unlock data, before translating this into information that is understandable and easy to use. This provides new insights that you can act on as an entrepreneur, with the support of our specialists. 

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