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Risk-oriented auditing without surprises

A financial audit gives you reliable, independent insight into the processes within your organization. Using smart analytical techniques, our audit practice captures data anomalies and identifies risks down to the smallest detail. It’s not for nothing that we’re at the forefront of innovative IT solutions. But the added value of our audit and pre-audit services lies mainly in that we scrutinize all those facts, together with our data analysts, accountants, financial specialists, tax advisors, and lawyers. Working with a team of experts, we’ll help you with concrete recommendations for the design and improvement of your internal audit function. We think in terms of solutions, with a strong focus on the entrepreneur behind the figures. As trusted advisors, we like to make a difference.

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Partner/director audit practice

An audit plan geared towards strategic and multidisciplinary advice

Audit approach that’s focused on adding value for you and your business

Process mining that provides insight and helps you optimize business processes in detail

Auditing and assurance services based on multidisciplinary collaboration, with the right approach for your organization

Prepared for the future like no other. We anticipate the new legislation concerning sustainability reporting (CSRD)

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This is how we help you with audit en assurance

Not every company is legally required to audit its annual accounts. However, financial audits are valuable for every company. Using our multidisciplinary approach, we can offer you broad-based, innovative auditing and assurance services.

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Pre audit services - HLB witlox Van den Boomen

Pre-audit services

A pre-audit allows us to accurately map out how well your organization is satisfying the audit requirements. That investment in financial controlling literally and figuratively pays off. Pre-audits prevent costly delays and unanticipated additional work during the auditing process. We adopt a broad outlook while assessing the administrative organization and internal control measures (internal audit function). We also check whether data analysis will provide the right, reliable management information. With our pre-audit services, we also help you collect and deliver all the data the auditor needs for the financial audit.

CSRD en ESG verplichting duurzaamheidsverslaglegging

Preparing ESG obligations (CSRD)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) — or “sustainability” as it is summarized in one word in Dutch — is garnering more and more attention. SMEs are also expected to do their part towards creating a more sustainable society. By 2024, larger SMEs and their financial controllers will be required to prepare sustainability reporting (in April 2022, the European Commission presented the proposal for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive or “CSRD”). We’re happy to help you prepare for this ESG obligation as well as work on the various ESG factors.

Jaarrekening Audit

Financial audit: auditing of annual accounts

As an entrepreneur or controller, an audit, or the auditing of the annual accounts, allows you to look back over the year. Such a reliable overview of the figures and business processes highly valuable. Annual accounts are an important point of departure when you’re making strategic decisions! Moreover, stakeholders also have their own demands for the annual accounts. Our accountants and auditors will help you with all the preparations for and the compilation of the annual accounts. Consequently, you’ll comply with all the general and legal requirements and, as an entrepreneur, you’ll gain clear insight into and maintain control over your administrative organization.

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Assurance identifies potential risks

Aside from the auditing of annual accounts, other assurance engagements provide additional assurances and can clearly identify the potential risks. Such valuable information from your administrative organization will help you, as an entrepreneur or financial controller, make adjustments. Our chartered accountants and auditors will relieve you of work by preparing assurance reports. And, above all, they’ll answer your questions in clear language.

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General and sustainability reporting for the foundation of our services

But the way we carry out that reporting is subject to change. As a leader in innovative IT solutions, we’ll help you digitize your information flows and make your business processes more transparent. The nature of the topics also keeps pace with current events. Social reporting is already well established in many organizations. At the moment, sustainability reporting is a major focus. This so-called CSRD reporting will become a legal requirement for many SMEs by 2024. We’re happy to help you get started with this.

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IT audits and consulting

IT audits are highly valuable. Nowadays, everyone expects information to be flawless and available 24/7. So, they expect your company's IT infrastructure to be in perfect working order. Technological advancements and security issues do not make it easy for companies to maintain control. With IT auditing, our specialists can help you identify bottlenecks in your IT systems so that you can understand the potential risks and implement improvements.

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