Accountancy for every entrepreneur

The accountants at HLB Witlox Van den Boomen can provide full support for all your accounting needs. From maintaining your accounts to digitising your administration, so that your business can perform its best. 

Maurice Kil

Maurice Kil

Partner Accountancy

More than annual accounts preparation

We have all the necessary disciplines and knowledge in-house Our accountants do more than review your figures, they also look towards the future.

Comprehensive insight into your business operations So you can make informed decisions for your organization. 

We review your current figures in the interim Not just while preparing your annual accounts.  

Our specialists Are naturally always fully abreast of all the latest laws and regulations. 

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All entrepreneurs have to prepare the annual accounts, not only for external parties but also for themselves. Our accountants will compile annual accounts using the information you provide. Knowledge about you, the entrepreneur, is critical to compilation engagements. Our specialists include a compilation statement with your annual accounts. We can also record your data via SBR reporting. Of course, we also work with provisional figures in order to provide you sound advice. 


Accounting support

The annual accounts may form the starting point, but the specialists at HLB Witlox Van den Boomen look far beyond those. We're happy to assist you as, an entrepreneur, with financial management. What do the financial figures mean in your case? What are the implications? What’s going well and what can we work together on to improve? Consider, for instance, the preparation of operating and liquidity budgets, performing difference analysis, or improving project management. We support you from start to finish, so you can focus all your attention on your business.

Online boekhouding

Online accounting

HLB Witlox Van den Boomen likes to make running your business as easy as possible for you. Our specialists will help you digitize your administration. We offer the option of carrying out administration through secure online accounting software, which makes it easy to link your management information. As well as the standard functionalities of accounting software, we offer you these additional features. 


Pre-audit services

Statutory audit engagements demand more and more of your time and effort as an entrepreneur. In which case, there is a great need for more information. Compiling information like this is often time-consuming and requires more and more specific expertise due to the growth in regulations. We can help you improve your internal controls and provide the right information in one go.


Tax advice

As an entrepreneur, you love nothing more than doing business. A considerable amount of your time, however, is spent on administration. And an important part of that administration is the tax return. Our specialists are happy to provide you with expert tax advice. Tax issues are also becoming increasingly complex. At HLB Witlox Van den Boomen, we understand your questions, and our staff are here to help you, the entrepreneur. We can assist with matters like VAT advice, private client services, employee taxation, and international tax advice.


International accountancy

Do your business activities reach beyond the Netherlands? Do you have an international branch? If so, your consulting needs and accountancy issues are likely to cross national borders. Thanks to the international HLB network, we can also support your international ambitions. For example, we can assist you with the local laws and regulations.  With its 25,000-strong professional workforce in 160 countries, HLB offers a powerful combination of local expertise and global capacity. 
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Corporate finance

How can you find the right corporate financing for your needs? Which business financing can help you realize your dreams? The financing specialists at HLB Witlox Van den Boomen are ready to assist you with any financing issue. While you focus on your business, our financing specialists will help you find the most suitable financing. We have a large network of bank and non-bank financiers. 

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Do you have a question about running your business? Do you have a specific task or would you just like a sparring partner? We’re here for you. 

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